The Wim Hof Method

Created by the Dutch-daredevil Wim Hof, the Wim Hof Method (WHM) is a simple, yet effective tool for immediately tapping into the deepest parts of our human physiology.  The Wim Hof Method is made up of three pillars; breathing techniques, cold exposure, and mindset/commitment.

People from all over the world are experiencing first hand the many health benefits associated with this simple Method.  Dedicating as little as 15 minutes a day practicing the Wim Hof Method can produce a huge return on your investment for your own wellbeing.  

The Three Pillars:

Breathing Exercises:  Breathing is something we do every day, but how conscious are you during each breath?  The breathing exercises used in the Wim Hof Method are designed to hyper-oxygenate the body and deliver immediate health benefits.  Chronic stress is one of the leading causes for autoimmune diseases, because breathing consciously is directly linked to managing stress, the WHM breathing exercises are a powerful tool for managing stress better.  

Cold Exposure:  "The Cold is our warm friend!" - Wim Hof.  When life is Cold, knowing how to deal with the cold could be the difference between life and death.  Through gradual exposure to cold our human physiology has the ability to adapt and withstand cold temperatures.  From gradual exposure to cold we are capable of revamping our body's neuro-endocrine-immune system.  

Mindset / Commitment:  Mindset is everything!  Once you develop an understanding of the science behind the Wim Hof Method, making the commitment to practice the breathing and cold exposure routinely is quite simple.

The BENEFITS from practicing the Wim Hof Method:

  • Increased energy

  • Better sleep

  • Heightened focus & determination

  • Improved sports performance

  • Reduced stress levels

  • Greater cold tolerance

  • Faster recovery

  • Enhanced creativity